Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Viva somebody

It is becoming rather scary that nowadays packing lunch and eating at the office pantry has became a routine for us. This usually means we are really THAT busy until we can't spare any time to drive out like what we used to do many months ago.

Anyhow no matter where we were at for lunch, we usually got to learn something... may it be about movies that we watched, current issues, celebrities, latest gadgets and many more. Sometimes we even learn new words to add to our limited vocabulary.

Today, we learned about the word "Viva".

My colleague was flipping to the newpaper pages and came across this headline with the word Viva. I think it's Viva somebody but I can't remember the details as it was in the Sports section (I never give a damn about sports). So this colleague asked us what "Viva" means.

None of us knew... and I said, "well..there is this song by Spice Girls called Viva Forever. Dunno what it meant though".

Then I took out my PDA phone and searched for this word in my very cool english dictionary program which I installed. Here is what I saw and read out:

"No, no...that can't be it", somebody said. Hmm... but my dictionary did not have any other alternative meaning. Not so cool after all, eh?

So we left it as that and I forgot all about it until now. I checked the meaning from Cambridge Dictionaries Online and found this:

exclamation MAINLY US
used to express approval or good wishes:
Throngs of his supporters were shouting "Viva, Ollie, viva!"

Oooooo...Now the headline and Spice Girl's song make perfect sense...

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