Saturday, August 8, 2009

WM Apps in my Omnia

Some friends who recently switched to PDA phone have requested for me to share with them the applications that I have installed in my Omnia. I understand that it is really difficult to know which of the applications that work for you, and having to do the trial & error type of approach.

So hope this helps.


This is a replica of iPhone's lock/unlock phone application.

Free dictionary reader. Need to download the dictionary files (also free) separately

A very useful guide to check which public transport you should take going from one location to another. Comes with many databases for different countries. I just use the one for Malaysia & Singapore.

Facebook Mobile
Facebook application for PPC. Need I describe more?

Not Freeware

For these, do check out the respective sites for the screenshots. Too much work to put all of them here, hehehe.

Spb Mobile Shell
A nice user interface

Spb Pocket Plus
In WM devices that doesn't come with similar tool, when you press x to close a program, it just minimises the program and runs at the background. This will eat up your RAM causing your device to slow down or even hang. SPB Pocket Plus has this feature where you can configure that pressing x to close a program will actually CLOSE it.

Spb Insight
This is a RSS reader.

Spb Phone Suite
I am using this for phone profiles i.e. different loudness for different profile, what time to automatically switch to which profile.

Pocket Informant
PIM (Personal Information Manager) for your calendars, contacts, to do list and notes. They provide nicer interface to the default WM's PIM.

Coreplayer Mobile
To play movie files. Support a lot of file types.

General management for your device's resources

Resco Photo Viewer
Can view and edit pictures.

Twitter application for PPC. I got this free by doing a blog post about them.

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