Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seeking the "perfect" case

It has been a long while since I bought anything from the internet. Actually come to think of it, aside from Skype where I bought some SkypeOut credits, I haven't been using my credit card to purchase anything from any other online stores..... until 2 days ago.

You see... I have been searching for a perfect case for my new toy, Samsung Omnia. I haven't had much luck in that. Currently I have this standard black pouch that works fine for it.

However if you are a gadget lover like me, you will know that we will not stop until we find the "perfect" accessories... well that or until we got tired of the toy.

So anyway when I was browsing around, I came across this beauty - Samsung i900 Omnia Rubberized Back Hard Case:

I thought this looked great on my Omnia. The red may not go with my black colored Omnia though but nevertheless, I loved it.

It is being sold at and the cost is USD14.50 plus shipping. I guess after conversion, the price is almost at par with any decent cases that you buy from all those handphone shops.

Anyhow I hesitated for a know the worry of putting your credit card info into all these sites that may turn out to be fake. So to put my fears at rest, I googled the site and the product, and read some reviews about them.

After feeling slightly better with what I found out, I decided to take a calculative risk and proceeded to get the "perfect" case. I also checked that it's a secure site (https as opposed to http) when keying in my credit card info.

The case comes in 3 colors and I chose the black one as I thought that is more matching for my black themed Omnia.

Omnia doesn't have a stylus slot, and so this case is just great as it comes with a stylus and its slot!

After all that done, I guess I would have to leave it to take its natural course. The last time I checked via the Order Tracking feature at the site, they have already shipped the product out from HK on the 25th Aug. I guess I need to wait for a few more days for it to arrive.

Frankly speaking, I am actually very excited waiting for this "perfect" case. Hope when I actually get it, it will still remain "perfect". We shall see...

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