Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Omnia "perfect" case?

My Omnia case (Samsung i900 Omnia Rubberized Back Hard Case, Product Code: SOTCA004600 from reached me today! Not bad considering that it took only 4 days from the time I placed my online order.

I understand now the excitement of buying things via the internet. When you place your order, you could only base on the pictures to have an impression of how the product looks like. You can't be sure until you actually see it physically. So would it be the case of WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), or is it going to be "indah khabar dari rupa"? I guess that's where the excitement is, cos when I got the package, I couldn't wait to start ripping it up... and here's the content.

Frankly speaking when I saw the box that the case came in, I was disappointed. The box looked so cheap.. like something that you buy from "pasar malam".

Then I took out the case and the feeling improved slightly. The case is actually plastic but felt a bit rubbery to the fingers. If it was packaged with a nice looking box instead, I would think that it is "branded", you know like Krusell or something.

The case is slightly longer than the phone (0.8cm to be exact). I guess the extra length is to provide space for the stylus. As for the thickness, I don't think it made much of difference to the actual phone's thickness.

Omnia fit into the case snugly. Installation is not too difficult. You just need to fit in the right side of the phone (where the camera and volumn buttons are) first, and then snap the other side in.

With the casing on, I did not encounter any problems accessing the buttons. I thought it may affect the clarity of voice as the mic is partially covered by the bottom of the case. To test this out, I called a few friends and asked "Hello... can you hear me clearly?". They immediately thought I got a new bluetooth handsfree. :-) Anyway they gave the same feedback i.e. there wasn't any problem hearing me.

Omnia came with a hideous stylus and without a stylus slot. So this case compensate for all that as it has a better looking stylus IMHO and a stylus slot. The stylus is thin though but I still prefer this anytime than Omnia's original one.

Overall, I thought this is a good buy. The phone + case felt good to the hands and it does look expensive unlike the box that it came in. What bothers me is the extra length.. but to gain some (i.e. the stylus), you have to lose some lo.

As for the question "Is this the perfect Omnia case"? Well, maybe not to me but it will have to do for now. After all, it cost about RM51 after conversion. Me no rich man leh!

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