Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pre-vacation stress

Normally one would be so excited thinking about their coming vacation. I should be too as my vacation starts in a few days time. However I am not feeling that.

Work been crazy and on top of the project assignments that I need to finish by this and that date, there are also all these meetings and planning sessions that I need to attend as well.

I wanted so much to complete my assignments before I go for my vacation... even by working from home during the weekends but with hiccups here and there, looks like that may not be possible. Funny how when you are rushing to finish off the things that are on your plate, there are just more stuff dropping onto it. I just hate to come back from a vacation and see the whole pile of tasks waiting for me.

Sigh... guess I need to just let go, forget them for a while and enjoy my vacation first. I am sure it will do me a lot of good as I am really exhausted. Perhaps I will be fully recharged by then, and have a whole new energy to ride the waves again.

Hmm... I can feel a bit of excitement now. :-)

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