Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Selling miracles

Health products are so in trend nowadays. There seem to be so many new brands coming to our shore under the ships of MLM.

With the current economic situation, I guess more people are jumping into these ships hoping to get extra pocket money or to take the opportunity to have a business of their own. Although currently I am not into MLM but who knows, right? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I do have friends or relatives who have gone or are going into this type of business. It can be funny at times cos I always notice very similar traits about them after they got involved.

Firstly every of your conversations with them always tend to evolve into a sales pitch. It's like every topic that you talk about will slowly have a relation to their products be it from talking about your working life, love life, friends, family or whatever.

For an example, someone would say that they are really becoming old cos they are slowly becoming long sighted... and the other person would start to say how their products can reverse the signs of aging; or when someone talked about a friend, and the other person would say how this friend or that friend have used the products and felt or looked so much better than before.

It's as if whatever void you are experiencing in your life is because you did not discover the beauty of their products!

The products also tend to be like miracles. It could be just one single product but it is able to cure all sickness - cancer, diabetes, stroke... just name it. If you have pain in your neck, it will cure that. If you have growth coming out somewhere, it will make it smaller. I am not surprised if some of them are saying how their product can cure H1N1 as well.

It's like the product is a highly intelligent substance that when ingested, would scan your whole body for non functional parts and automatically fix them!

I do agree that all these health products surely have their very own benefits... but the ability to cure all sickness???? I am really very very sceptical about that! If that is true, then I would say that they are not selling a health product... They are selling miracles.

Well perhaps all these are part of the sales strategy. Perhaps one day if I ever join MLM, I would be doing and saying all the same things too. However for the time being, I will just sit back and have a smile thinking back of my encounters with all these miracles sellers.

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