Friday, July 31, 2009

Overpowering temptation

One of my greatest weakness is .... gadgets, well specifically PDA phones. Almost every year I would get the itch to get a new phone... the new features, new looks, they are all just too tempting.

This year is no different. About a month ago, I started "itching" again. iPhone 3GS coming... exciting! Omnia 2 exciting. The temptation was just too much!

However I was controlling myself pretty well... at least that's what I thought until I saw the current price of last year's Omnia.

Last year when it came out, it was retailing at RM2799 for 8GB and RM2999 for 16GB. I already noticed this model then, but being a sour grape, I just dismissed it saying that it's no good bla bla bla. The actual fact was that it was too expensive for me.

As Omnia 2 is coming out, Samsung slashed the price of last year's model to around RM2000 for the 8GB version. I thought it was a good deal considering that Omnia does have quite an impressive specs. At that very second, I knew I was defeated.

So 2 weeks ago, I got my new toy. Although it's no perfect (and I doubt there is any phone out there that is "perfect"), it has very much what I wanted in a phone...for now. I installed Garmin XT and discovered the beauty of GPS. Funny how I still turn on my Garmin although I was just driving from home to work and vice versa.

It just seemed so "magical" that this thing can actually show you your actual location and tell you where to go. I know, I know... as someone who is in IT line, I should know better... but the "magic" of technology can just be so mesmerising at times.

Besides that, net surfing is so much more convenient with a bigger 3.2 inches screen. Watching movies on it too became more exciting.

Although it's no iPhone, in my opinion this is the nearest to iPhone that I would ever get. Hmm... come to think of it, I have an iPod Touch, so that should be the closest to iPhone that I would get, hehehe. Well anyhow I think you got my point. iPhone is just too expensive for me considering its specs, although the interface and responsiveness are very much left uncontested.

So far, I am really happy with my Omnia. Perhaps I will sing a different song a year later when another overpowering temptation comes.

As for my last year's temptation... LG KS20, I have already sold it to an ex colleague.

I believe all good things should be shared... and LG KS20 has served me wonderfully for the past a year and a half. It's time for it to bring joy to its new owner.

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