Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Matrix is back!

After what felt like forever, I got my Matrix back today!!

The workshop's claims executive picked me up at my office in Damansara Utama after work and sent me to the workshop in Jalan Ipoh where my repaired car was.

Weird though that I wasn't asked to sign any documents. Come to think of it, I don't have any records whatsoever on the whole thing - I wasn't asked to sign anything when they towed away my car, I was not given a copy of the police report and I wasn't asked to sign any document when I collected my car. Is this normal? Seemed a bit fishy to me though.

Well whatever it is, the cost of repairs is supposed to be claimed from the other party's insurance... so as long as it stays that way, I don't care whether the right processes have been followed or not.

The past few days when I was car'less had been so inconvenient for me. Modes of public transport in Klang Valley are very unreliable. Thank goodness I have kind colleagues and 2 of them (husband & wife) are staying near to my place. So they have been picking me up in the morning and dropping me back after work. I am truly grateful.

Anyway now that I have my car and my "life" back, I will make sure I park my car at more "secure" places i.e. not near to any ramps. Till now, I still couldn't believe that a properly parked car can still run the risk of being knocked.

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