Monday, July 20, 2009

Axel hurt his leg

My poor little boy (Axel the pug) hurt his left hind leg falling off the couch yesterday evening. He cried like I never heard him before and when I lifted him up and put him back on the floor, I noticed he couldn't move his left hind leg. I panicked thinking that it must have been broken! I was so worried and as it was a Sunday evening, all the vets were already closed. I called a few friends asking whether they have any emergency vet numbers. Either the vet was too far away or they didn't answer the phone. I was really panicking like crazy then.

After a while, Axel regained the control of his left hind leg and I could see him walking on his fours. Phew... that gave me a bit of relief. However he seemed to be limping a little bit on that leg. As I couldn't get hold of any vets and Axel seemed to be okay, I thought I would only send him to the vet today after work.

This morning when I woke up, I wasn't greeted by the usual excited Axel. In contrast, he was very lethargic and was even refusing food. I panicked again! After feeding him a piece or two of his dog food, he started eating again. Then I noticed that he was shaking a little... and I know I couldn't wait for tonight to send him to the vet. I called my boss and told him I needed to take half a day EL. I wondered whether my boss has ever heard "sending my dog to the vet" as an EL's reason.

So we waited until 10am and I sent Axel to Saint Angel Animal Clinic, his usual vet. Dr Ding who treated him kept commenting how "round" Axel is. I told him what happened and he inspected Axel's legs. He found nothing wrong and said that it could be due to muscle sprain. So he prescribed some pain killers, asked me to monitor him for a few days and sent us home.

I accompanied Axel for a while at home and then I went off to work. I tell you, I now understand the feelings that parents feel when their kids are sick or hurt. There was this worry hanging on my head throughout the day.

When I came back, Axel was still lethargic. I gave him some food which he reluctantly took, and administered the pain killer. He is now sitting by my side, looking miserable. I hope my little boy will get well soon. Looking at him now made me feel so guilty and sad. :-(

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