Thursday, July 2, 2009

What an unlucky day!

After lunch, I was sitting at my cubicle reading up some materials when a colleague from other department came to me and told me that someone was looking for me. Upon meeting that person, I found out that he is a guard from the car park where I am season parking in. He told me that my car got banged and I was like "What?!! I parked my car properly leh!!". I couldn't believe it and kept wishing that guy got the information wrong.

Upon reaching the level where my car was parked, my heart dropped. It was no longer at the original position where I parked it this morning. Instead the front of my car was at the next parking space, resting on the butt of a Hyundai parked there. My bumper, mud guard, headlights smashed. The front left absorber already knocked in, causing the position of the tyre to be distorted. I couldn't even open the left door. On the front right side, there was a huge dent on my car, and a huge dent on the Hyundai next to it.

Then parked at the side was the culprit, the Wira with it's whole bumper gone and crumpled bonnet.

I was like speechless... "Am I in a nightmare? It would be good to wake up now!!". "What happened?!!!"

Apparently this lady who was driving her Wira was coming down from the upper level to the level where I parked my car. When she turned the corner, she lost control of her car and ramped into mine. The impact of that caused my car to move and hit the car next to it.

Looking at the aftermath, I couldn't help but to wonder how fast she was going to cause such a damage.

Anyway she called her husband who called the workshop to come and check the damage by the time I reached the scene. The Hyundai's owner was also there. The lady's husband was thinking that if it's not too much to fix, they would not claim their insurance. However looking at my car's condition (with tears flowing in my heart), I doubt it would be cheap.

Then the people from the workshop reached and after assessing the damage, what I guessed was correct. So they did need to claim their insurance. One of people from the workshop was a claims executive who advised us on what to do. All of us needed to go make police report.

So I went back to my office, packed my stuff and told my boss what happened. Then I followed one of their cars to the police station at PJ State. The lady's car and my car were towed there as well. The Hyundai can still be driven.

We took more than an hour to wait and to do the report. The workshop guy told me that my car would need 5 days to fix, and all cost would be borne by the lady's insurance.

I am now without a car to use for the next 5 days. I need to figure out how to move around during this period of time. Taxi? I always have this problem getting them to come pick me up from my apartment. Guess I have to rely on my friend to pick me up and follow him to his office. Then from there, I will need to find ways to get to mine.

Sigh... imagine you parked your car properly in a car park, then got banged causing serious damages.... how often does that happen? What an unlucky day for me!

P/S I wished I have taken some pics of the aftermath, but I was too traumatised to even think of that.

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