Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big Toothache

I just hate hate hate going to the dentist! Thinking about the room, the chair and the equipments are enough to send shivers down my spine. However I had to go see one today. My previous teeth fillings came out and I need them re-filled. Besides that, my wisdom tooth is causing me painful gums as well.

The dentist who attended to me is a SYT (Sweet Young Thing). There were also 2 assistants there, one of them being an old lady. I would think the old lady is a parent or relative to one of the dentists there... as she's definitely over the retirement age.

She was in charge of the suction tube that sucked out my saliva when the dentist was torturing me. If it wasn't for my stress of having that metal drill inside my mouth, I would be laughing aloud. You see, this lady was using the suction tube as if she was vacuuming her home! I could feel the suction tube going all over the insides of my mouth... and I was pretty sure I didn't salivate that much!

The SYT told me that I have lots of problems with my teeth. There were cavities in many of them; and a cracked capping. The worst would be my wisdom tooth that she recommended for me to remove via surgery. Gosh...guess that's my punishment for not visiting the dentist often!

Anyway for today, she filled 6 of my teeth... and 6 more to go next week. Hmm... assuming I still have all my 32 teeth, 38% of them are with holes, how sad!! At the end of the session, I looked at the her and said "This is bloody stressful!".

6 teeth already costs me RM330. Gosh.. I can't imagine the cost for the other 6 teeth and the wisdom tooth surgery if I decided to do it. Looks like I am going to get a big toothache after all.

Note: toothache in cantonese is also used as an expression to mean pain from spending too much money.

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