Tuesday, July 15, 2008


If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am not a regular gym goer... what more about being fit and looking fit. I think I have given up hope long time ago to ever have a greek god type of body. I am just happy and contented if the current one that I have do not get any worse.

Growing older really sucks... the hair goes off (well..at least for my case. If you are a guy around my age and have full set of hair on your head, do note that I hate you!!), the smoothness of your face goes off, the elasticity of every part of your body goes off... I think I don't even need to list down more as these top three are already depressing enough.

So I guess that's why I feel really guilty if I skip gym for too long... well also because I am paying RM175 per month for that! I feel besides "maintaining", it is really crucial for health.

I don't do much weights when I am in the gym. I usually do the cross trainer for about 20 mins, then use the equipments for the abs, chest and shoulder for the rest of my gym time. My gym time also includes pouring myself a nice cup of coffee, then getting a nice seat and start reading the newspapers/magazines there. I guess that's why JW always sarcastically remind me that it is not a library. Well..at least I am still going to one, JW!!! What about you?!!

Well, I have been putting effort to wake up early on weekdays for gym nowadays. So far for the past month, I have been successful 2 times. Woohooooo.... aiya..must give ourselves some encouragement and motivation ma. Lets see how long this will last.

People my age (i.e. over 30).... how are you maintaining yourself?

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