Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Abe Sapien: Behind the Mask

I watched Hellboy 2: The Golden Army last weekend. Although I was not overwhelmed by the movie, I thought it was quite an entertaining one with its special effects and myriad of creatures.

One of the characters that I found rather interesting was Abe Sapien. I have watched the first Hellboy movie but this character was not emphasised so much there. After the movie, I wondered... who was the actor behind the mask, behind all those makeup. FYI, I did not watch the making of this movie, so it got me really curious.

I came home and started to google the character and its actor. What I found out about the actor really impressed me. Do you know that this actor played 3 characters in that movie? Abe Sapien, Angel of Death and the Chamberlain.

I thought all the 3 characters were done very nicely. The Angel of Death character was scary and at the same time mesmerising. Perhaps its the whole mysterious, androgynous and having the wing thing.

As for the Chamberlain, although the scene was very short but the character seemed to remind me of someone I know... However I still couldn't figure out who, hehe.

The actor of all these 3 characters was Doug Jones. He has acted in many many movies before, but big chance you wouldn't be able to recognize him. Reason being his characters were always under heavy prosthetic makeup. He played multiple characters in Pan's Labyrinth and he was the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four.

I was very shocked to learn about the Silver Surfer thing as this guy definitely does not have the looks and the body of the Silver Surfer. Well..I guess nothing that special effect and makeup can't do eh?

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