Monday, May 2, 2011

Nike Free Run+ 2

Nike Free is a technology invented by Nike which was incorporated into their sports shoes. This technology allows the shoes wearer to feel as if they are barefooted.

I bought my first Nike Free shoes more than 1 and a half years ago. It's the Nike Free 5 v4.

At RM349, it was perhaps the most expensive pair of shoes that I had ever bought during that time but it was totally worth it. It became my multi purpose shoes as I wore it to gym, to work, to shopping, to parties.. very much almost everywhere whenever I was not in my flip flops. This is for a simple fact that it was really really a very comfortable pair of shoes.

So when recently I saw that Nike released a new Nike Free series - Nike Free Run+ 2, I was tempted to get a new pair, well... cos the existing pair I have really need some washing! It is still in good shape, but no harm of having 2 pairs right?

So after contemplating between a new pair of Nike shoes or the new Tokidoki Tiger 400% be@rbrick, I have decided.... to get both! :-)

Oh well... the be@rbrick is not available in Malaysia yet and it will probably take some time for it to come. Moreover I got back my overpaid tax.

So this is my new pair of Nike Free Run+ 2. I was not very happy with the colour variations though.. as they are only available in light blue with orange or black with neon green. I settled with the black with neon green though cos I thought the other one is too flashy for me.

Cost me RM369 but like my previous pair, I am very sure it will worth it!

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