Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Case-Mate Barely There

So what do you do when you feel like having a new phone, but do not want to spend so much money to get one?

Change the casing la!

One fine night when I was having problem sleeping, I turned on my laptop and started to search for new cases for my beloved HTC HD2 (which by the way is now running fully on Android).

Saw this pretty looking casing and nothing beats an insomniac night better than the potential of buying something online.

Case-Mate's Barely There case for HTC HD2... supposedly thin enough to make your phone feel like it's naked, thus the "barely there" promise.

Well if you can't shouldn't be naked in public, then at least allow your phone to be... but with protection. Yes... protection which is very very important.

What tempted me more was that Case-Mate slashed the price of this casing from USD19.99 to USD9.99 which I thought was a bargain... and the rest became history.

Coupled with shipping price, the amount came to about RM51.

So now is the waiting time. Shipment from US will take around 3-4 weeks, and there will be the excitement of seeing the actual thing. For now, I have already enjoyed the pleasure of shopping online.

Damn, it's 1.18AM now... is this another of my sleepless night?

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