Sunday, November 1, 2009

Avoderm Natural

Axel the pug used to have some problems with his skin some time ago. After trying various brands of dog food, I came across this brand called Avoderm Natural. Actually this brand was introduced to Gan's mom and sister by a petshop when they were dogsitting Axel during that time. The petshop recommended Avoderm Natural Vegetarian Adult Dog Food to help with Axel's skin.

I was rather uncomfortable with feeding my dog (a carnivore) vegetarian. You see, I am very much a "carnivorous" person and couldn't imagine going on fulltime vegetarian.

When I got Axel back, I still would like to try this brand to see whether it makes a difference to his skin condition. However as I did not want Axel to be fully on a vegetarian diet, I mixed it with Avoderm Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food.

I will buy a 2kg pack of each and mix them together. 2 packs will usually lasts about 3 weeks - 1 month. So these have been Axel's food since then.

I have to say that Axel's skin condition improved tremendously since switching to this product. In fact when I brought him out for all these pug meetings, many have complimented his nice coat. So I am really thankful to Avoderm. (FYI, I am not paid in anyway by this brand. Am just sharing the experience).

Recently when I went outstation, I boarded him at this nice petshop that we always go to. The boarding place fed him some other brands - mixture of NutriEdge and ANF. When I took him back, Axel refused to take his Avoderm. I guessed it must be that after having full meat diet at the boarding place, he didn't like the taste of semi-vegetarian anymore.

Anyhow, he adjusted himself and started to eat them again. Well a pug will always be a pug.. they can't be choosy about food for long.

Anyway I am now thinking to switch him back to full meat products, but definitely staying with Avoderm. Probably fully lamb and rice or maybe we will try the trout variety. Lets see how much the trout variety costs. Lamb or trout, I am sure Axel will still prefer them than the vegetarian one.

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