Monday, October 26, 2009

10 years grudge

I was just told by a friend on how I offended him 10 years ago with what I have said to him. 10 years!!! Poor thing... he had to carry that grudge for so long!!!

What happened was that 10 years ago we were working in the same company. He was being made fun of by all the other guys in the company for being effeminate. They also made many unkind stories about him.

As he's my friend and I hated how they made him into a joke, I told him about this and asked him not to flirt around with them. I guess perhaps the way I said it to him was harsh and I didn't know that affected him so badly. :-(

Anyhow, he said he's going to forgive and forget about this. I have apologised profusely when he told me just now. I felt so bad that whatever I have said had affected him for 10 years. 10 years!!!!

I am so glad he can now put that behind him and move on.

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