Sunday, October 25, 2009

To netbook or not to netbook

Last Friday during lunch with my colleagues, our conversation came to the topic about laptops. A colleague said that he's thinking of getting a laptop as there will be tax relief for the purchase of computers.

That got me thinking. I already have a laptop which is more than 3 years old but still in working condition. So I don't think I want to get another one.

Then I thought, hmm... perhaps I should get a netbook instead. A netbook is like a scaled down version of a laptop, with smaller screens, keyboards and processing power. Well, the price is very much scaled down too! That thought actually got me feeling very excited as I am this semi-gadget crazy kind of person. I kept telling myself that on top of getting a new toy, I will get tax relief too!

So for dinner, I made plans to meet a friend around Ikano Power Station so that I could do some survey at the Harvey Norman store there. The average price of these netbooks are less than RM1.5K... and they are really cute and mobile. There is a 0% installment plan at Harvey Norman as well!

Based on my survey so far from Harvey Norman and websites, I have my eyes set on these 2 models:

1) HP Mini 1000 - ~RM1.3K from Harvey Norman

2) Dell Mini 10v - ~RM1.4K from Dell Store

Both these models have very similar specs except that in Dell, it's a 6 cell battery (last about 6 hours) whereas in HP, it's a 3 cell battery (last about 3 hours).

So will I get one of them? I really do not know. I have this emotional side which kept telling how much I want it (new toy mah!) and at the same time, the rational side kept saying that I do not need it.

Time will tell...

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