Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bukit Koman's "Char Koh"

I went back to my hometown last week to attend a cousin's wedding. As my parents have already migrated to Klang Valley, I do not have many reasons to go back except to throw in my votes during the election period. Come to think of it, I seldom went back even when my parents were still living there, hehehehe.

Anyway.... I went back to Raub with my mom, sis and niece last week. The wedding dinner was at 5pm and we reached around 3pm. So we took our sweet time to do some shopping. Raub is a small town with no shopping complex, so what is there to shop for?... Food lah!

There is this very famous "char koh" (dunno what's the right term in english - "dessert"??) place in Bukit Koman and you need to get there early when they open their shop, else there will be nothing much left... which we did.

So many varieties of "char koh" and they tasted very nice... unlike most of the ones you would get in KL.

We bought so many as if we were stocking for winter, and they were really really delicious. I am starting to salivate just by thinking about it.

Although this may be one reason why I should go back to my hometown again, but unfortunately I am not really a foodie. So it didn't work on me. :-)

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