Wednesday, June 3, 2009

They should have known better!!

Today is the 3rd day of my toilet leaking fix process. After they hacked off my tiles and the cement on the first day, they did waterproofing yesterday.

Let me tell you something embarrassing. I always thought that for waterproofing, they would install a layer of special plastic across the toilet floor to stop the water from seeping down, then cement the area followed by the tiles. I was certainly wrong and had not idea where I got such a ridiculous impression, cos this is how waterproofing looks like:

It's this mixture of cement paste that they apply across the toilet floor, especially around the corners and the drain outlets, and it has this pungent smell. After applying this, it had to be left overnight to dry. So basically on the second day, the contractor only worked for about 2 hours.

After the waterproofing dried up, they did the tiling today. Once they have finished cementing and tiling the area, I went and had a look.

Okay...everything seemed normal...

Then, I saw something not right!!

They cemented the area to a level that is too high. So after tiling, the level of the toilet floor is only slightly lower than outside! So this would mean that water from within the toilet area can easily flow out.

I was like, are you kidding me??!! They are the contractors and would have done this a million times. How could they not think of this?!!! They should have known better!!!

Well, it's already too late and the best they could do was to create this border at my toilet door to keep the water in. I thought it looked ridiculous but what can I do? So damn "kik sim".

Sigh... just have to live with it la. Guess I need to make sure I am gentle when pouring water onto that area.

For you guys who have to re-surface your toilet in the future, please be sure to remind the contractors about the leveling of the toilet floor. They may not be as smart as you think.

Don't be like me as by the time you utter "They should have known better", it is already too late. :-(

They will come install my toilet bowl tomorrow. I am glad this is almost over.

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