Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting intimate with Fish Leong

I went for Fish Leong's concert last night.

I have only one word to describe it.... MAGNIFICENT!

Yeah... the whole concert was magnificent, she was magnificent. Her voice was so clear and she was in tune at all times! I think my admiration for her has increased ten-fold after the concert. By the way, this was my 1st Fish Leong's concert. The last time she held a concert in Malaysia was 4 years ago and I missed that one.

She sang all the songs (about 30 of them) flawlessly and almost the whole stadium was singing in unison with her. It was indeed a great feeling.

I am not very sure how other concerts were as this was just the 2nd concert that I had ever attended. However I do understand after last night that there's a vast difference between attending a live concert and watching a DVD of a live concert.

Fish was so down to earth when interacting with the audiences and her guest artistes. Her official guest artiste was Michael Guang Liang while her unofficial guest artistes who went up the stage during encore were Ah Niu, Z Chen, Phoebe (DJ from MyFM) and another guy whom I do not know.

Although she is mega successful (in my opinion) in the chinese community, she seemed so approachable and just "like one of us". I am going to be her fan for many more years to come.

The concert started around 8.15pm and ended only around 11.30pm. It was so well worth the money! One complaint that I have though. The song lyrics that were displayed on the screens were lacking the pinyin. I am sure Fish Leong has a lot of "banana" (Chinese who do not read chinese) fans like me, and the experience would have been much greater if we could also sing along to all of the songs.

I didn't bring my camera there and just used my PDA phone to snap a few pictures. That explains the quality of the pictures below. Anyhow, photography was not allowed and when they caught you snapping away, they would flash some bright lights on you. I noticed the guy sitting in front of me got flashed a lot, hehe.

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