Monday, June 1, 2009

Hacked!! toilet tiles ler

After dodging my downstairs neighbour's complaints on my leaking toilet for almost 6 months, I finally got the contractor to start work today.

Fixing a leaking toilet is not a simple and quick task. It involves the removal of the toilet bowl, hacking of the floor tiles and cement, re-waterproofing, re-cementing and re-tiling, and then fixing back the toilet bowl. All of these will take 3-4 days. is a very very troublesome process, especially when you stay alone and working. You would need to take about a week leaves to be at home. The cost too is not cheap and depends on the size of your toilet. Luckily I managed to arrange it to happen during my "in-between jobs" period. As for the cost, I guess I need to forget about a new PDA phone. :-(

The contractor and his worker turned up 2 hours late. They were supposed to start at 9'ish but they came only 11'ish. After checking my toilet, the contractor left his worker to do the work. The foreign worker then started his tasks and managed only to hack off all my toilet's floor tiles and cement for today. I believe he could have accomplished more if they turned up as initially arranged.

The drilling and hacking sound were soooooo irritating. I couldn't watch my taiwanese series as planned due to the noise and ended up playing games on my iPod Touch and chatting online.

Oh... and the mess it made.

At the end of the day, the contractor came and I chatted a little with him. He said that I was probably the 2nd nice person that he knew who are paying 100% for the renovation cost. Usually in cases like this, either the 2 units share the cost or the owner of the upstairs unit would totally ignore all the complaints, although by law the owner needs to bear it.

I wondered when he called me "nice", did he mean that I am a sucker?

Anyhow, I thought this is the right thing to do. Hmm... I am a nice person after all. ;-p

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