Friday, June 12, 2009

I will prosper

Although I have been to Singapore a few times and have seen the Fountain of Wealth, I have never once set foot into it or to witness its laser performance until last night.

Yeah, we were at Suntec City for the PC Show 2009 and after that, we walked to the Fountain of Wealth to catch the laser show. Although the laser show was not really that spectacular, watching the lights and fountain in action was.

Fountain of Wealth is listed as the largest fountain in the world. It was built to create very good feng shui for the area. It is also claimed that when visitors enter the fountain and walk around the central base's mini fountain 3 times while touching the water, they would gain some good luck... which was exactly what I did. This was of course done after they have turned off the big fountain.

Superstitious or not, I am sure I will prosper after that.

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