Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I finally got Axel back last weekend after leaving him for 3 weeks with Gan's family. My initial plan was to collect him back earlier but due to some apartment matter, I had to leave him there a bit longer.

I found out later that Axel been a naughty naughty boy when he was there! He would wake up very early in the morning and make a lot of noise to get someone to release him from his cage... and apparently he had been waking earlier and earlier each day. Early as in 5.00am! The poor sitters were so deprived of their usual sleep!

Back in my apartment, Axel sleeps in the corridor in front of my door, so he seldom make any noise to wake me up. Even if he did, a firm "No" or "Shhh" from me in my room would silent him.

At home, Axel sees me as the alpha dog. Over at Gan's parents, they are just not comfortable to discipline him. Guess that's why Axel tend to bully them. I must teach them a few tricks to get Axel to behave himself.

I really hope Gan's family are not put off by Axel's recent stay there. If they are, then I have to find other alternatives whenever I need to be away. Any nice soul out there willing to dogsit Axel if that happens?

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