Friday, September 19, 2008


It's 1.00am now and I really should be sleeping. However I got so engrossed with this Chinese-Mongolian singer/songwriter whose album I have just purchased a few hours ago. The artist is Sa Ding Ding and the album is "Alive".

I understand that this album was released late last year in other parts of the world, but I only saw it hitting our music stores recently. I was enthralled by the album cover with this lady in a meditative position looking all calm and serene... well... and pretty too.

After listening to a preview (or rather pre-"listen") of a few tracks, I was tempted to buy it. However I held on until I saw it again today (oops...I mean yesterday) at Popular bookstore. I did not regret my purchase cos as I was listening to it on my way home, I just felt calm and peaceful. It's really hard for me to explain why I feel the calmness although some people may find it noisy with all those instruments and music arrangement.

Perhaps it's her voice... perhaps it's because she was singing in Sanskrit (She also sings in Tibetan, Chinese and her own made up language in the album).. I really don't know.

Just listen to her title song "Alive" and see whether you feel the same way:

To know more about her, head over to her very cool site.

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