Thursday, August 21, 2008

Greener Pastures

Within the period of 2 weeks from tomorrow, I know at least 3 of my friends are leaving their companies to join new ones. One of them is my current colleague.

Tomorrow will be her last day in the company and her absence will definitely be felt. Our number seems to keep dwindling for the past year and I feel that it has come to the point where we cannot dwindle any further. What made it worse is that there are only the out-goings and no in-comings.

Anyway when I talked to 2 of these friends, I couldn't help but to feel excited for them. I bet the feeling is like jumping out from the frying pan... Well, as long as it's not towards the fire!! Anyway I have been there, done that. Then again if you don't try, how will you ever know?

Thinking back on my previous job changing "experience", I feel the most enjoyable time is the holiday that you get while waiting for your new job to start. It's like you can really enjoy that time without worrying about those things that you were unhappy with in the previous job; and at the same time knowing that after the vacation, there is a new job waiting. Yeah...I know there is also the nervousness about the new environment and new colleagues... but for me I will try not to think about those things until the last minute.

Okay, okay... I really need to snap out of it!! You have to excuse me for having all these thoughts. I am on my 24 hours technical support duty again this week... that's why I start thinking about all these things again.

Anyhow, I want to wish my colleague and my 2 other friends who are stepping into greener pastures "All the Best". Also, remember me if there is any "kang tao" hoh? ;-p

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