Friday, August 15, 2008

Go Kart

We had a half day outing from work yesterday. Although everyone is damn busy with our assigned tasks, I thought it was a great move to take us off the hustle and bustle of work for a little while. After a chicken buffet lunch at Sunway Pyramid, we headed to Sunway Extreme Park for Go Karting.

I know this Extreme Park was quite popular sometime ago but it sort of went off the radar for a while. Many of us thought they have already closed shop. Well... they are still there, but did look rather isolated and empty though.

To get there, we had to brave rough terrains of the Sunway South Quay construction site. My colleague's car was almost fully coated with dust when we reached the Go Kart area.

The track didn't look as big as I would imagine. It was scorching hot during that time and I had the feeling that none of us were really eager to be on the track. Well... it was paid for and what else can we do, right? After the briefing, we were divided into 2 groups and off we went for our roasting session.

I have to say that although that was not my first go karting experience, I still felt awkward being stuffed into the tight seat. I didn't even know the proper way of getting on and off the kart. Each time my shoes just seem to be caught in something, causing me to wobble like crazy.

Anyhow once I got into the seat and started to race, it got really exciting. The whole kart shook like crazy and steering that thing felt like steering a heavy lorry. Didn't help that the steering wheel was so tiny. At times I felt as if my hands would tangle up when negotiating those sharp bends!

Then attempting to overtake can be rather frustrating when the person in front of you were swerving like nobody's business. Too bad the karts did not come with horns!

All in all, I had a really great time although I was sweating like crazy and smelling funky. I guess go karting will be the closest thing to F1 for me!

A "pro" driving without a helmet. Pros won't get hurt, is it?

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