Monday, August 4, 2008

Everyday Low Fares?

I love Bangkok. No matter how many times I have been there, I always look forward to visiting this city again.

So naturally when I saw the following advert in the newspaper, I got really excited.

Wah... MAS promotion of RM8 one way to Bangkok woh...very very cheap leh. Flight to Bangkok with AirAsia nowadays also at the lowest is more than RM30 (not considering the RM0 fare promotion which doesn't happen often). So surely this must be a really good deal!

Oh how terribly wrong I was! I went to MAS site and simply chose a date to depart on Friday and return on Monday as per my usual arrangement when travelling to Bangkok. Yeah..the fares are indeed RM8 one way, but when added all those tax, levies and surcharges...the total came up to RM723.00!!

I know I know. MAS serves food in their flights and they don't charge anything for baggage check-in. I flew MAS to Bangkok before using Enrich points redemption. Know what food they served? Sandwich, yogurt and snacks.

Anyway for comparison sake, I went to AirAsia's website and chose the same route and dates.

I picked the RM180 fare for departure and RM110 fare for return. I added in in-flight meals, baggage check-in and express boarding. The total cost came up to RM655. Still cheaper than MAS's "Everyday Low Fares" leh.

Some of you may say that you can't compare orange with apple. Well, in times like these... I really don't care which is orange and which is apple. What is important to me is which is cheaper.

Don't get misled by all these advertisements stating low fares. They usually come with an * and small small prints. Everyday Low Fares? Don't think so!

p/s No, I didn't book any of the flights above.

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