Friday, June 29, 2007

Sinful Breakfast

I was about to chow down on my breakfast at my working cubicle just now when a colleague walked past and shrieked. She saw the breakfast that I was about to take and reminded me on my cholesterol level (which is by the way, just a little teeny weeny above normal). The breakfast I was having is fried noodles with fish cake:

She then proceeded to make me feel bad by telling me that her usual breakfast is oats. She has a good point. I have been having Nasi Lemak or fried noodles for breakfast rather frequently. Coupled with my gym skipping for more than a week now, I am really leading a not so healthy lifestyle.

Okay...let me finish my delicious looking fried noodles and fish cake first... then I think about a healthier lifestyle. yummy.....

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