Wednesday, June 27, 2007

fishdiary resurrection

Why "fishdiary resurrection"?? Well...I used to have a personal blog long long time ago. It is called "fishdiary". You can still access that with this URL-> During that time, I did my best to keep it alive...but I guess my best wasn't good enough. So it died of a slow eventual neglect.

I tried creating another one about a year back but found that the few posts in there were of me bitching about the job I was in during that time. I was in a terrible state of mind...and didn't want to be reminded of that. So I decided to just delete off that blog.

I do currently have a blog about my dog... and it has been going on for more than a year now. A pat on the shoulder for me *grin*.

Anyhow, lately been having an itch to start writing about the things I encountered again. I guess it's nice to be able to read about the things that happened to you before....after a long period of time. In my case, I do go back to my old blog now and then to read about what I have written. Made me replay those memories in my mind.

So that is how "fishdiary resurrection" comes about. I decided to start a new blog using instead of continuing where I left off in because blogger seems to be more user friendly. Moreover, my dog's blog is in blogger too.

So ladies and's fishdiary resurrection........

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