Thursday, March 24, 2011

Qee Redrum Key Chain Collection 2.5''

Have you ever just shopped for the sake of forgetting some frustrations that you encountered at work? ...and then regretting your purchase when you got home?

If yes, then you would be able to relate how I am feeling now.

I went to Sunway Pyramid after work today, and ended up purchasing these 2 Qee Redrum 2.5" Key Chain Collection. They are from the same 2008 series and with the same design except for the colours of the body.

They are actually really cute... but what I couldn't get was, why buy two? I am not even collecting Qees! I could have just picked one from the other series!

What about the key chain part?

Well there is a separate key ring that's attached to this plastic hoop thing which comes with each Qee.

I am not sure how to attach this to the Qee to make it a keychain, but I suspect it's through one of the Qee's hands. However it would come off very easily with just a slight tug. So no matter what the box says, this is definitely NOT a keychain material!

Oh well... frustrations make people do silly things. One lesson I learned from these Qees...

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

Update 25-Mar-2011:

I finally found the information on how to attach the key ring to the Qee to make it a keychain.

Let me try this when I get home. Pity the Qee though as it would be hanging on the neck as a keychain.

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