Monday, March 28, 2011

Flea Market at CSC, Singapore

Am back from my short trip to Singapore and am feeling so moody thinking about going back to work tomorrow. Come to think of it, it's not really the work that I dread but rather that certain someone who's such a pain in the neck. Anyway, that's not the part that I want to blog about today.

So... yesterday I went to this flea market at China Square Centre (CSC), Singapore with my sister. As I mentioned in previous post, I have never gone for any flea market for toys, so not sure what to expect. However when we reached there, I could imagine that the one in CSC seems to be near heaven for toy lovers.

Although there are other stalls selling antiques and other stuff, the majority of them are selling toys. Coupled with the toy stores that they have in the building, I could imagine how every toy collector would feel... like a kid in a huge candy store!

I tried looking for be@rbricks but there are not many of these stalls and stores that are selling them. All the stores and stalls there seem to be focusing on action figures. Hmm...maybe be@rbricks are no longer so popular??

Anyway I got myself these 2 from the Dunny 2010 series, each selling for only SGD10. I couldn't find any dunny in Klang Valley but I would think they will cost at least RM30+ each. So I think this is a bargain.

Dunny 2010 - Travis Cain

Dunny 2010 - Esther Kim

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