Thursday, November 13, 2008

JW will line up...

Yesterday about noon time, as I was on my way to the toilet, I decided to stop by the pantry and flip through the newspapers to see whether there's anything interesting.

As I flipped through Malay Mail, I came across this page:

Something in there caught my eyes and I'm telling you, it ain't the cakes! I saw JW in the picture queueing up for free cakes! I found that to be funny as I don't have many friends who appeared in newspapers before.

So I took a snapshot of the page and MMS'ed her with the message: "U r in today's Malay Mail".

And here's her reply: "Die. During office hour some more".

Later on MSN, I found out that she queued 3 hours for the cakes!

I think the headline should be changed to "JW will line up - but only for food, and if it's free".

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