Thursday, October 16, 2008

Roti Sai Mai

On our way to Ayutthaya, we saw a lot of wooden stalls along the way. Some stalls were selling rats and birds carcasses (I didn't manage to snap any pictures of those, DARN!!), but most were selling these:

We were so curious about those colourful "things" in the plastic bags. Manida then told us that those were the "Roti Sai Mai" stalls.

Roti Sai Mai is actually a dessert with Islamic influence and is very popular in Ayutthaya. Manida insisted that we should give it a try; so she bought us a packet. If I am not mistaken, it cost her 25 baht.

It came with the bread (i.e. the Roti part) and the hairlike thingy (i.e. the Sai Mai part). The hairlike thingy is actually spun sugar... you know, very much like the cotton candy that most of us craved for when we were younger. If I remember correctly, Sai Mai means silky thread sugar. As for the Roti, it looked and tasted like popiah skin.

Now the next question is, how do you eat them?

The answer is pretty simple. Put the Sai Mai (the more the merrier) onto the roti and then fold it up like how you make a popiah. That done, sink you teeth into them!

The taste was... well... interesting. However as I don't fancy sweet stuff nowadays, I made and ate only 2.

Hmm...perhaps we should have given the rats and birds a try too.

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