Monday, October 6, 2008

In a spur of emotion

Throughout my working life, there have been many instances where people told me how they could not stand their jobs anymore and wanted to just resign. Throughout my working life too, there have been many instances where these words were uttered by me.

I sometimes wonder, does this happen to everyone? Do all jobs suck in a way or another?

Recently a friend told me about how he hated his job and that he wanted to just quit. I asked him why and he told me that he disliked doing the things that he is supposed to do. I am guessing the real reason is because he is having some frustrations in getting his work done under a very short notice.

I told him (like I usually tell anyone with the same intention) to give himself a few months and then revisit this feeling again. Sometimes we tend to react in a spur of emotion, but after a while after we have calmed down; we may not think that it's so serious anymore.

I did have many of my spur of emotion moments too.... and I always try to remind myself to shut my mouth, wait a few months and then decide whether the feeling is still as strong. If not, then I know I can still go on; if yes, then I will start my hunt.

Anyhow I am feeling okay at work so far. Have to be mindful in checking the emotions though, as you'll never know when the spur of emotion will attack.

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