Friday, July 29, 2011

Quit too soon

My insurance agent's Facebook post struck me very hard today. She posted "Most people quit too soon because they are impatient for success".

That message was like hitting the nail on its head, although I am not in the insurance line.

You see, I am feeling rather stagnant in my job lately. It's like I am doing my boss's job & was implied that I am ready to go to the next level of my career. However there is no such opening available until some people leave or when there are some new re-structuring. So I am pretty much stuck.

So am I unhappy with my job? The answer is No. What I am unhappy with however, is that I need to do somebody else's job as well & they reaping the credit for it. Moreover the rewards for me in doing all these extras seems practically non existent as compared to those who do much less.

So the thought of greener pastures did cross my mind.

Then the FB post reinforced what I have been thinking... perhaps I should wait a little longer. I have slowly sown the seeds, so there need to be a waiting time for them to grow. It would be a waste if I throw them away now.

Yeah... I'll wait.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Conair Garment Steamer

I have always been very glad that I can wear casually for my work. So my usual work attire has always been collared T-shirts and jeans/khaki pants, except when I need to go to my HQ where formal wear is compulsory.

You can call me sloppy all you want and I will agree with you. I am not the type who cares a lot about what I wear, and I really hate ironing. Sometimes the T-shirts that I wore to work are full of creases.

So when all these garment steamers came into the market, I was pretty amazed by them. They seemed to be so easy to use. However the price is rather expensive (more than RM300). So I couldn't get myself to buy one.

Recently out of the blue, the idea of garment steamers came to mind again. This time around, I took action. I checked Citibank's Rewards catalogue and found a garment steamer for redemption. It's the Conair Garment Steamer (Model: CGS18H). Cost me 93,000 of Citibank points but I think it's worth it!

Checked from and this model cost RM499.

Placed my redemption via Citibank online last weekend, and my package arrived today!! Very fast!

So now I will need to figure out how to use this steamer effectively. Is it as easy as shown in the advertisement??.. we shall see...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Doing it just good enough

A colleague shared with me the other day about his thoughts on doing things just good enough. A simile given by him was like taking an exam. If 75 marks can already give you an "A", then why strive to get 100.

I sort of disagreed with him but at the same time felt he has a valid point.

Looking at my working environment now, there are these people who are doing just enough to cover their asses, some even less than expected.

Then there are those who are doing more.. some even doing their manager's jobs. Usually these people are the ones swarmed with more work because they are seen as being high performers.

So there must be a catch on being a high performer, all of us would think, right? Unfortunately that's not always the case. Some companies do not have much difference in terms of the % of bonus or increment for people who do just enough and people who do more.

Oh.. promotion maybe? Well some companies expect you to do much more than the more that you are doing in order to be considered for promotion. That again is no guarantee as it will also depend on whether there is a vacancy for you to be promoted to! So at times you get the promises but not the rewards, and ended feeling short changed.

I agree that job satisfaction is not only about dollars & cents, or about promotion. There are also other factors such as environment, your boss, your colleagues, the potential of learning & contributing etc. However like it or not, when you feel you are being taken advantage of and other people are reaping the benefits, it just feel so demotivating.

So is it still worth to deliver more... or just good enough is already good enough?