Monday, April 28, 2008

How much are you earning?

"Hey, how much are you earning ah??"

Have you ever been asked such questions? How did you react?

I have been asked similar questions either directly or indirectly before.. and I have never given them any straight answer, well except if I was in a job interview.

I don't understand why some people are so obsessed with how much others are earning? Is it to know their market rate, or is it just to feel more superior when knowing they are earning higher than everyone else? If that is the case, maybe that's why I don't want to ask such questions fearing I will end up feeling down instead.

I will console myself that higher salary usually comes with higher stress. I know.... sour grape ;-p

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fashion Show at Midvalley

Managed to catch Bonia's Fashion Show at Midvalley yesterday when I was there to get my haircut. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me, so had to make do with my phone's 2MP camera.

Anyway, when you guys watch a fashion show at a mall or something, do you really look at the clothes... or at the models?? For me, I think I concentrate more on the latter.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

No "ta pao"

After almost everyday of "ta pao" lunch for the past 2 weeks due to heavy work load, we finally got to go out to a simple but nice little restaurant in SS20 yesterday. This restaurant is apparently famous for its Fish Head Noodle.

There were quite some options for fish head noodles that you can order... but I could only remember A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 at the moment. Yeah..these are the codes for each variety.

I ordered the one with "lai fun" instead of the usual "bee hoon". I think the code was B2. ;-p

I am not a fish person... when comes to eating them. I don't really fancy eating fish but I have to say the fish meat that I tasted was rather good. No muddy or fishy taste. The meat wasn't soggy or too soft. I would prefer they put more milk into it though.. but still I enjoyed my meal.

I guess the most wonderful thing of all was that we got to eat out of the office for a change. We joked, gossipped and made fun of each other. That really helped me to forget about the stress even though it's just for a little while. Good food, good lunch partners... no reason why I shouldn't feel rejuvenated after that.

PhotoHunt: Unique/Funny

What's so unique/funny about a mannequin in his undies?

Let me zoom it in for you...

Yeah...his undies were made entirely from condoms. The sign said "Please do not remove my condoms". Now, that's what being safe is all about...

(Pictures taken at Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant, Pattaya, Thailand)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cloning machine

Work has been really crazy recently. Gone were the days where I can leave my office on the dot. Work is piling up and everything seems to be due yesterday...oh and all of them are of high priority too. So how leh?

I was making a lot of fuss today saying that I need a cloning machine. At least 2 of my colleagues want it too. Does anyone know where we can get one of those?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good workout

It has been a while since I wrote about Axel, my pug. Since it's not prudent for me to write about the "fire" at work which is bothering me a lot, I will write about my little boy.

Axel is well and has lost some weight (I think), thanks to Gan's family who always make sure he gets all the necessary workout everytime I send him there. Also I have been playing chase with him at home, with me running from the living hall to my room and him chasing me. I would then jumped onto my bed and he would circle around the bed finding opportunity to pounce on me (if he is tall enough, he would have... but he's not).

Then I would run to the dining hall and let him chase me around the dining table. I do worry sometimes that I would slip while running and knock my head on something. After all, I am no longer 18-22 ("sap pat yah yee"). So if you don't hear from me for a long while, do come to my apartment and collect my body.

Anyhow, it's a good cardio workout for me too, as after the game.. my heart would be beating very fast and I would be panting like crazy. Axel gets the same result too. This workout tires him out and he would go to his little mattress and try to get some sleep... if I would let him..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

PhotoHunt: Thirteen

This week's theme is so difficult. The best I could come out with is:

I'll do better next week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

negative x negative = positive?

Being positive is such a great virtue to have. I really admire those who can look and experience the worst of things and yet, can still feel happy and unaffected by them.

Recently I have not been having the best of moods. Doubts, uncertainties and frustrations surfaced again. I guess it must be one of 'those' times of the month.... well, males do get mood swings too, OKAY?!!!

In such situation, what do you normally do? Some of us (if not most) would seek out friends to share the situations with, hoping that after all those complaining, we would feel better. Yes... I was and still am guilty of this.

I think if the other people were positive during that time, they would be able to look at the situation in another perspective and tell us something positive. However if the other people were as negative as us, we would just end up fuelling each other's dissatisfactions. Negative x Negative is definitely not going to be Positive in this situation.

I know I know, I should just STOP complaining and count my blessings...... but....... but........ but........ oh well, I really need to re-read my motivational books....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

PhotoHunt: Twisted

Guess what these twisted wires are...

They are the wings of an angel...

Isn't she lovely?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Goodbye my old friend

Firstly just to clarify, nobody died...
Please read on...

My dear friend,

We have been together for a while now... and all I could remember was all the good times we had, and how you have never failed me through these years.

I am so sorry I had to make this move. As any normal human being, I succumbed to temptation, I... I.... I fell in love with "someone" else and the name is Kam Sing.

Initially I thought of keeping both of you. You can be my beck and call in case Kam Sing decided to throw tantrums. However I wasn't sure I could afford both of you. So I advertised you on a PDA forum. I thought that if no one was interested, I would get the reason to keep you.... but unfortunately, your beauty has enticed other people.

As I was packing your stuff up just now, I felt a slight ache in my heart. I hope your new owner will take care of you as well as I did. We have 2 more days to be with each other. Lets cherish the remaining moments...


Pictures of my old friend:

Monday, April 7, 2008

The most powerful expression

Do you know what's the most powerful expression in Axel's dictionary?

"Mumm Mumm"

"Mumm Mumm" to Axel means "the whole wide world".... and to us humans, they mean "food".

This expression is even more powerful when used with a high pitched voice.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Car Warehouse

Do you know that when you buy a new car, it will be transported from the factory to the warehouse where it will sit there until it is ready to be collected? Well, I didn't know this. Last time when I bought my Iswara and later my Matrix, I collected them from the sales offices. I didn't get to see how these warehouses look like.

Today I had this opportunity. I accompanied Gan to collect his new Myvi. The sales agent brought us to the warehouse where Gan's car was kept. The place was a rather huge old wooden building.... and it was very well guarded - by geese and stray puppies!

I wasn't scared of the puppies. Upon seeing us, one of them were barking but at the same time running far far away from us, hehe. I was a bit intimidated by the geese though. They looked.... mean!

Uncollected cars were parked compactly inside the warehouse. They were covered by layers of dust. The sales agent told us that it's very important for new owners to notify them earlier on when they want to collect the cars. Only then, the warehouse person will move the car out and get it washed. Gosh...I couldn't imagine moving a car out from that "pile".

Gan's car was already washed nicely and parked in an open area when we got there. We inspected the car inside out and everything was fine.

Well, it really doesn't matter where and how they were kept, as long as they look and function like new when they come to you, right?

PhotoHunt: Glass

Pictures of my decorative glass light for this week's theme. Looks like hanging ice cubes eh??

Thursday, April 3, 2008

2 big airports

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A little bit of everything

It's such a drag going back to work after a vacation. I was so moody the whole day today. :-(

I think I may have used up my smile quota for this week... after all, I just came back from the Land of Smiles - Thailand, well Bangkok to be exact. I know... I have been to Bangkok so many times already... but still I like going there. If your dirty mind start thinking about those unwholesome things in Bangkok, please go and soak your head in bleach.

I love Bangkok mainly because it's near to Malaysia, it's cheap (with the exchange rate) and the people are so polite. This time around, I had a very relaxing vacation as there wasn't any rushing around to visit as many places as possible. We just took our own sweet time doing a little bit of everything.

A little bit of eating...

This is like my favouritest (if there is such a word) food from Thailand. Noodle in thick soup. Can't seem to find it anywhere out of Thailand.

A little bit of shopping...

I spent more in Chatuchak Weekend market. As for Zen, I did get a pair of slippers from there. Tourists get additional discount and they opened until midnight during the weekend I was there.

A little bit of movies...

Watched "Water Horse" and "Spiderwick Chronicles" there. We opted for more expensive seats and so they were really comfortable... even more comfortable than my own couch. Actually the usual seats were not bad too!

A little bit of hero worshipping...

There was this superheroes and anime characters dress up competition in one of the shopping complexes there. The participants were doing all these superheroes poses... some were effective, some just looked like a person in superhero suit trying to look like a superhero.

A little bit of spying...

And last but not least, a little bit of praying...

I miss Bangkok already...and hope I get to visit it again soon. At the meantime, I just have to sulk a bit longer for my post vacation syndrome to pass.

(P/S Most of the pictures above were taken using my new LG KS20 phone. Not bad eh? Did some touch up using Picasa though...)