Sunday, October 6, 2013

When that time comes...

2 weeks ago, at a very early hours of this day, I received a call. While still in-between the state of being asleep & awake, I heard this distraught voice of my friend telling me that another friend had passed away. It felt really unreal as if I was in a nightmare... and frankly speaking it still feels the same.

Unfortunately, this is no nightmare. This friend of ours, a mother of 3 young kids, passed away from an accident. It was a sudden news, it took all of us by shock... and considering we have just met her a week before the incident, it just didn't seem to make sense.

Yeah... I guess that's what death is, especially when it is so sudden. It doesn't and probably will never make sense.

Like it or not, she is no longer with us and what we can do is to keep the good memories alive, and may she be well & happy wherever she is.

Life is indeed fragile. We'll never know when it is our time. Have we done enough to prepare ourselves when that time comes?