Saturday, June 30, 2007

Patter of Tiny Feet

Recently been hearing the patter of many many tiny feet.

Started with my colleague delivering her 2nd child about 2 months ago. Then 2 days ago, my god sister in Singapore delivered her 2nd child. Congratulations LP!!!!

Then there is my younger sister who will be delivering her first child in about 2 weeks time. She is now back in SP with her in-laws waiting for the baby to come. She foresees that she will be very bored there. I told her with internet, you won't be bored anywhere!

Anyway old people have this belief that if you see a lot of cute baby pictures during pregnancy, your baby will come out looking cute too. Although I am far from being old, ehem ehem.... old people's advice are often good to follow. So to my sister, here are some cute baby pictures that I managed to "steal" from the internet.

By the way, what do you say to those people who are going to deliver their babies? Happy Delivering????

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sinful Breakfast

I was about to chow down on my breakfast at my working cubicle just now when a colleague walked past and shrieked. She saw the breakfast that I was about to take and reminded me on my cholesterol level (which is by the way, just a little teeny weeny above normal). The breakfast I was having is fried noodles with fish cake:

She then proceeded to make me feel bad by telling me that her usual breakfast is oats. She has a good point. I have been having Nasi Lemak or fried noodles for breakfast rather frequently. Coupled with my gym skipping for more than a week now, I am really leading a not so healthy lifestyle.

Okay...let me finish my delicious looking fried noodles and fish cake first... then I think about a healthier lifestyle. yummy.....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ravishing Beauty

Recently a new beauty came to town. My heart pounded so fast when I saw her on the newspaper and websites. OH BABY....COME TO DADDY!!!!!

The beauty I was talking about is the HTC Touch PDA phone. It is so so so so so so so so so ravishing that I couldn't help thinking about it for a few days after seeing it (on print though!). Wonder how it looks and feels like in real (:-~ drool).

HTC Touch
This phone is on Windows Mobile 6 and has this new TouchFlo technology screen. You can basically use your finger and swipe it on the screen to navigate around. Sounds very much like the Iphone although I read that it's not even close. Anyhow, it is here now.....whereabout is Iphone?? "Batang hidung pun tak nampak".

For more info on the HTC Touch, please go

If I am not mistaken, the price of getting this ravishing beauty is about RM2,099. Hmm...guess I have to include this in my "Things to buy - when I strike a lottery" list.

Oh baby....if I could hold you tonight.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

fishdiary resurrection

Why "fishdiary resurrection"?? Well...I used to have a personal blog long long time ago. It is called "fishdiary". You can still access that with this URL-> During that time, I did my best to keep it alive...but I guess my best wasn't good enough. So it died of a slow eventual neglect.

I tried creating another one about a year back but found that the few posts in there were of me bitching about the job I was in during that time. I was in a terrible state of mind...and didn't want to be reminded of that. So I decided to just delete off that blog.

I do currently have a blog about my dog... and it has been going on for more than a year now. A pat on the shoulder for me *grin*.

Anyhow, lately been having an itch to start writing about the things I encountered again. I guess it's nice to be able to read about the things that happened to you before....after a long period of time. In my case, I do go back to my old blog now and then to read about what I have written. Made me replay those memories in my mind.

So that is how "fishdiary resurrection" comes about. I decided to start a new blog using instead of continuing where I left off in because blogger seems to be more user friendly. Moreover, my dog's blog is in blogger too.

So ladies and's fishdiary resurrection........