Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Decors at Orchard Road

I was in Singapore a week before Christmas, and Orchard Road is definitely a place not to be missed during this festive season.

I remember being there last year and the Christmas decorations weren't that great. However this year, it again lived up to the expectation.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Yes Man

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about "Yes Man". I am sure in a way or another, we know what this term means and probably also guilty of accusing someone else as one. Most of the time we would say that about a person mainly because we have this impression that they just accepted whatever directive given to them by their bosses.

"Can you do this?". "Yes boss".
"Can you do that?". "Yes boss".

I then thought... can you afford to say "No" when your boss asked you to do something? Of course you can tell your boss the reasons/excuses/whatever to say that you cannot do it, but if your boss insisted that you HAVE to do it, again my question is... can you afford to say "No"? Remember, not all of us have nice and understanding bosses.

I guess it boils back down to how much we want to impress our bosses. After all, we have all these appraisal stuff every now and then where the bosses would tell you how well or badly you have done.... and I am sure your "Yes"es and your "No"ness would be accounted into those evaluation.

So if you are hoping for a good salary increment, bonuses and promotion, can you afford not to be a "Yes Man"?