Sunday, May 12, 2013

My new ride

I am never a car type of person. If you randomly point to a car and ask me what car it is, I would probably be looking at you blankly unless it is a Hyundai Matrix, as that is the car that I have been driving now.

Being a car idiot, it never crossed my mind to change to a new ride until recently when my Matrix started to show signs of old age. Well 9 years is a long time, and I do love my Matrix. However it has started to malfunction, and maintenance charges are now often over RM1K each time. Driving it nowadays gave me so much stress knowing that it could break down anytime.

So I had to take the next step i.e. to consider getting a new car but with a firm budget of no more than RM10K.

Then, there were so many comments from different people. Some said I should get a higher end car, some said don't get it now and wait for car prices to go down, some said wait for new models to come out first etc. Anyhow, I am the one who is clearest about my current situation and the stress that I go through when driving to and from work. Imagine I am worried now thinking about driving my Matrix to airport to pick up my sister this coming Friday night!

After doing some reading, I decided on Kia Forte 2.0 SX. Here is a review that helped me in making a decision.

Yes, I know this is an old model and that a new one (K3) is coming soon, but I insisted on this decision because
1) the car's design & functions are already impressive to me
2) I intend to drive this car for many years, so not so concerned about resale value
3) There is a promotion going on for the car with low interest rate (1.68%) and many freebies
4) K3 2.0 will be over my RM100K budget...and will need to wait a while to get the car. I DO NOT want to wait any longer.

 So I made my booking yesterday and get to trade in my 9 years old Matrix for RM11.5K. The sales person told me that the earliest would be 6-7 working days but I am praying hard that the car can be available on Friday.

Then I can go pick up my sis from the airport... in my new ride.