Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bengang nye aku!!

I had a very frustrating conversation with a friend over MSN today. Now that I think back on how the conversation went, I couldn't help but to laugh aloud. Frustrating, yes.... Funny, yes too!!

The conversation went something like this (not the actual conversation but rather what I recalled and summarised):

Friend: Hello, how are you?

Me: Hey, I am fine. A bit pissed off though.

Friend: Oh what happened?

Me: Never mind la. I don't feel like talking about it.

Friend: Come on, what happened? Work, is it?

Me: Nothing la.

Friend: Come on, tell me...

Me: Sigh... okay it's like this...
(I went on to tell her about my frustration)
(After I am done)

Friend: Aiyo! Grow up and stop complaining!!!

Me: Huh???
Bengang nye aku!!

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